Trying to contact Remy Landau (3rd posting attempt)

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Trying to contact Remy Landau (3rd posting attempt)

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Hello Calendar people,

(Apologies if you receive more than one copy of this post. In the past, I have always posted to this list via its webpage, and originally did the same for this post, but the original post, was not sent out to the list (though it does appear on the webpage with a no-delivery message prepended to it). The "list owner" (Rick McCarty) doesn't know why that didn't work. So, on his advice, I am resending it via email. This method too required two attempts: It seems that, as a spam avoidance measure, the general list address used for posting by email is now obsolete and has been replaced by an address unique to each list member, which only accepts emails sent from the member's subscription address. So hopefully this third attempt will work. I discovered this by clicking on "options" on the list's webpage.)

I have been a member of this list for some years, but only an infrequent contributor to it.

Remy Landau has an extensive website on the Jewish calendar at

It invites feedback and questions from visitors, and a section of it (which I can't find right now) contained copies of such correspondence and his replies. But when I last looked, the most recent ones were quite some years old.

I too have a (more modest) website on the same subject at

About 10 years ago (roughly), our mutual interest in this subject generated a spate of private email correspondence between myself and Remy. I attempted to revive this a few months ago, but I got no reply from him.

Does anyone on this list know if Remy is still alive and well and in communication with others (I have no idea how old he is) and, if so, might you know of another means of contacting him, such as a phone number?

(His site is still being updated with notices of upcoming Jewish dates of significance, but I suspect they are automatically generated.)

I'm not sure, but I think Remy is French Canadian. If so, that would make him a fellow countryman of Irv Bromberg. ...