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Karl Palmen

Dear Calendar People


I’ve decided to check my full moon cycle calendar at against the current supermoon and find the supermoon is 5 days later than the start of a full moon cycle according to the calendar.

I found that the Wikipedia Supermoon page links which calculates lunar perigee times, moon distance and the time to the nearest full moon or new moon in days and hours.


From this I found that this supermoon had the full moon 2 hours past the perigee and others in recent years were nearer to perigee.

This supermoon was the last of seven full moons with 3 hours of perigee occurring once every 14 lunar months.


Perigee Date  Full moon diff   Date of New full moon cycle in calendar

2010-01-30    +2 hours         2010-02-04  (5 days late)

2011-03-19    +0 hour          2011-03-22  (3 days late)

2012-05-06    -0 hour          2012-05-07  (1 day late)

2013-06-23    -0 hour          2013-06-23  (same day)

2014-08-10    -0 hour          2014-08-09  (1 day early)

2015-09-28    -1 hour          2015-09-24  (4 days early)

2016-11-14    -2 hours         2016-11-09  (5 days early)


This table shows that my Full Moon Cycle (Fumocy) calendar is well aligned.


The bigger supermoon 68 years ago was 4 hours different from perigee. The changes in eccentricity of the moon’s orbit cause to biggest supermoons not to normally be the full moon nearest to perigee.