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Posting to Calndr-L via Nabble (2)

(I am posting this a second time. The first attempt was not accepted by the list. It seems changing my subscription address online via the Nabble archive page for this list was not enough. My new address was not added as a subscriber to the Calndr-L Listserv. Eli had to add that address as a list subscriber. He says it should now work.)

This post is an experiment to see if changing my list-subscription "from" address to an email provider other than Yahoo has restored my ability to post to Calndr-L via Nabble's archive webpage for Calndr-L at

My recent attempts to post from there resulted in the post being added only to the Nabble archive, with the following no-delivery notice prepended to it: "This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet." This problem will most likely affect only those list members whose subscription address is a Yahoo address. I heard that at least one other list member, Helios, had the same trouble and he too was using a Yahoo address.

If this post reaches the other list members by email, it means that the suggested work-around has succeeded. If other list members are curious as to the reason for the problem, read on:

I notified Calndr-L list owner, Rick McCarty, of this problem, and he escalated it to Eli Phelps, who provides technical assistance for email systems at East Carolina University, where Calndr-L is located. Eli wrote back explaining the cause of the problem as follows:

Below is part of the verbiage I found in the CALNDR-L LISTSERV logs:

"17 Jul 2017 19:22:56 Processing mail from xxxxxxxxxx@YAHOO.COM.AU for CALNDR-L
DMARC> v=DMARC1; p=reject; pct=100;;
DMARC> YAHOO.COM.AU has p=reject
17 Jul 2017 19:22:56 "From:" address rewritten due to DMARC rule
> Old address: xxxxxxxxxx@YAHOO.COM.AU
> New address: 00000017433db9d3-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.ECU.EDU"

To help explain what appears to be going on, the issue resides on a DMARC rule (anti-spoofing). This DMARC rule appears to be violated at YAHOO.COM and not allowing the subscriber to send to our LISTERV. I have pasted a link below that we found from PCWorld titled "Yahoo email anti-spoofing policy breaks mailing lists", which gives an in-depth explanation on what is likely happening.

I am going to send this information over to our software vendor and see what they say about it. Our software vendor most likely can't resolve the issue since it's specific to a YAHOO anti-spoofing policy on their end, however maybe they can offer some suggestions. I will follow up as I know more. Feel free to share the information I provided with the subscriber in the meantime.

[Me: It is relevant to mention here that, although that PCWorld article is dated April 2014, and I have been successfully posting via Nabble during the intervening years, the problem was still occurring during those years (commencing from roughly when that PCWorld article was published), but it was not as severe as it has now become. Nabble would add my post to the list archive with the same no-delivery message prepended to it, but only temporarily. After several hours the notice would disappear and my post would eventually be accepted. But now the rejection seems to have become permanent.

Eli subsequently followed up that information with the following advice:]
After doing some additional research and talking with our software vendor, it appears that the only resolution is for the subscriber to utilize another type of email account that doesn't have a DMARC policy in place.

I hope this information will be useful to others.