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NASA Mars Calendar RE: Europan Clock and Calendar

Karl Palmen - UKRI STFC

Dear Amos and Calendar People


The Mars Calendar Amos linked is a Gregorian calendar with some additional information, each date has a red ‘B’ followed by a 4 digit number and a blue ‘C’ followed by a different 4-digit number. Could these be a count of Mars days for the two explorers?


The numbers for January 1 are B4600 and C1567. 90 days later on April 1, I get B4688 and C1654 indicating a lapse of 88 & 87 Mars days respectively, the difference can be attributed to the different Meridians of the two explorers. Also I noticed that April 20 has no ‘B’ number, suggesting it misses a noon, midnight or some other specific time of a Martian day.


Also I see some DSN week numbers on the Mondays with week 1 starting on Monday 2 January. They could be ISO weeks.






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Hi Irv and calendar people,

Even if people never get to Europa themselves, such a calendar will be needed by the people who will operate robots there.

See for example NASA's Earth-Mars Calendar which is used by their "Martians".


On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 7:01 PM, Irv Bromberg <[hidden email]> wrote:

Quoting from the Wikipedia page about Europa:

"The radiation level at the surface of Europa is equivalent to a dose of about 5400 mSv (540 rem) per day,[40] an amount of radiation that would cause severe illness or death in human beings exposed for a single day.[41]"

It doesn't seem as if there will be any need for a calendar on the surface of that moon. There may be life in the subsurface ocean, assuming that life there is protected from the surface radiation, but if so it wouldn't have any ability to detect any celestial objects, so all that they might need are timekeeping devices.

-- Irv Bromberg, Toronto, Canada

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Subject: Europan Clock and Calendar

New clock/calendar system for Europa, a moon of Jupiter.

Comments, debugging welcome.
Ron Hale-Evans ...


Amos Shapir