Moonkey & Meyer-Palmen 6840-year cycles RE: Month Names for the Lunar Olympiad Calendar

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Moonkey & Meyer-Palmen 6840-year cycles RE: Month Names for the Lunar Olympiad Calendar

Karl Palmen - UKRI STFC

Dear Calendar People


The two cycles differ by the number of days in them.

While the Meyer-Palmen 6840-year cycle has exactly 2498258 days, the Moonkey 6840-year cycle, which follows the 33-year cycle, has 6840*12053/33 = 2498258 2/11 days and so is 2/11 day longer. The 2/11 day can be eliminated by restarting the 33-year cycle after 6840 years. The last 33-year cycle is then truncated to 9 years, like in Walter’s suggested 900-year cycle.






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On Oct 18, 2013, at 6:12 AM, Walter Ziobro <[hidden email]> wrote:

"I'm particularly interested in the Meyer-Palmen Cycle because its 6840 period encompasses 

the entire range of epacts used by the Roman Catholic Church, and a full cycle of Golden 

Numbers used in the Anglican Churches."

Simon notes:

Another 6840-year (with exactly 84599 lunations) solunar calendar cycle that may be of interest in this context, is the Moonkey epact system which I have defined mathematically at:

Peter Meyer's Hermetic website:

As a Solunar epact-based calendar system (using figure 2 at the above link) this Moonkey system has the advantage that all lunations are either 29 or 30 calendar days in length (unlike the Meyer-Palmen and Gregorian lunar calendars which have, for instance, 31-day lunations). 

Coincidentally, I have just recently made available my design for a Moonkey Easter Computus for the Dee-Cecil (and Dee) calendars, implemented as a cylindrical table for the 6840 years from AD 1572 to 8411. There are two sizes available for download (by clicking the red down-arrows at right) as pdf files (MoonkeyYrs17med and MoonkeyYrs17small) at the foot of

The "med"(ium) size version prints on US legal-sized paper and is intended for mounting on a Trader Joe's coffee bean can (12 oz. size).

The "small" version prints on US letter-size paper for mounting on standard 3-inch diameter cardboard mailing tube cylinders. This small version includes triplicate collars to allow some practice at cutting out the collar's fiddly key-shaped Sunday-letter decoding window.

Dee's Years,

Simon Cassidy


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