Metric Time 'confusion' Fwd: Days NOT 'tithi'

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Metric Time 'confusion' Fwd: Days NOT 'tithi'

Brij Bhushan metric VIJ
Karl, listserv sirs:
I have explained several times the 'position of confusing status' as to WHAT does 'metric time' or the word METRIC may mean:
        "METRIC - pertaining to the length unit, Metre, and not 'Decimalised division of Units & units & measures 'counted in multiples & sub-multiple of units/quantities, unless related to length unit metre'. This is what has so far caused to the failure of SI Metric Units - especially TIME!" 
         I provided the definition of Nautical Kilometre in my base contribution on bridging the Arc-Angle in my contribution The Metric Second; 1973 April; Beauru of Indian Standards, New Delhi. My 'Decimalised Time 
of the HOUR' is a step in that direction; VI's linking the division of HOUR (in time) and Hour-Angle (as the Earth moves in its axis) i.e. The Quadrant (in angle).
Metric Clock shown & promoted at:
Is clearly an attempt to stall the issue for Reform of calendar in defining the 'new time interval'. I provided & discussed the concept 
of Nautical Kilometre, in my projection of 24-hour day & 'Decimalised Time of the HOUR'.
     I am sure World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is aware of my Home Page: where in I have placed my contributions since 1971-73 through media/concerned Organisations in India and now in United States since mid-2002....and continuing. 
I do seek protection of my contributions, possibly getting infringed upon.
Today was Memorial Day and I wish my progressive feelings for Indo-American Socio-Scientific & Politico-Economic Reforms to take the right boost, in making America a Great Nation to join and lead involvement of Time & Calendar - the Metric Way! 
My calendar proposal as Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar is a step in that direction, an attempt to keep improving my several formats of calendars - to be & remain in discussion. I recall having projected some of my ideas earlier too.
My regards,
Ex-Flt Lt Brij Bhushan VIJ, Author
Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar
Memorial Day (Monday) 2017 May 29H21:21 (decimal)

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From: Brij Bhushan metric VIJ <[hidden email]>
Date: May 27, 2017 at 10:23:31 AM MST
To: "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]>
Cc: "Brij Bhushan metric VIJ Ex-Flt.Lt. Indian Air Force" <[hidden email]>
Subject: Days NOT 'tithi'

Karl, sir (in Private):
My apology, while typing I did the mistake again, and typed TITHI incorrectly without realizing the 'slight addition of 1m29s.3285493' over the DAY duration in TITHI value; which make the difference in calculation. Use of Tithi value, change the Mean Lunation value=29d12h44m2.99669089959156-seconds.
   "Thus correct position is to add '0.5 day over 448-years' getting (163629 days/5541 moons) to result in Mean Lunar value of 29d12h44m2s.98863021153221; which is an improvement over the Hebrew Lunar calendar of 29d12h44(+1/18)m".
My regards (requesting to ignore my in-consistency in thought/language),
Ex-Flt Lt Brij Bhushan VIJ, Author
Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar
Saturday, 2017 May 27H13:39 (decimal)

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