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Karl Palmen

Dear Aristeo, Irv, Amos and Calendar People


32 solar years is not exactly 33 lunar years (of 12 months). It is not even the best approximation of this magnitude. 33 solar years is a little closer to 34 lunar years.


33 lunar years are about 6 or 7 days longer than 32 solar years


32*365.2424 = 11687.7568

33*354.3671 = 11694.1143


33 solar years are about 4 or 5 days longer than 34 lunar years.


33*365.2424 = 12052.9992

34*354.3671 = 12048.4814


However the interval between Aristeo’s dates for the birth and crucifixion is not a whole number of solar or lunar years and the difference is closer to 1 year, than either of the previous two approximations. I make this interval (from May 23, 33 BC to Aug 17, 1 BC) to be 8*1461+85=11773 days.


We then get 11773 days = 32.2339 solar years = 33.2226 lunar years.


So the difference is about 0.01 year short of a whole year (about 3 or 4 days). This is closer than either 32 solar years to 33 lunar years or 33 solar years to 34 lunar years.



A really accurate approximation is 391 solar years to 403 lunar years. The difference is just under 4 hours.


391*365.2424 = 142809.7784

403*354.3671 =  149809.9413                     


Dividing by 12 we get 32 solar years and 7 solar months nearly equal to 33 lunar years and 7 lunar months (difference less than 20 minutes). So according to Aristeo’s dates, Jesus was crucified a few months too early for this to occur.



According to the current Hebrew Calendar there are exactly 228 solar years to 235 lunar years.

The coming Hebrew New Year will begin with the same moon as the Islamic New Year. This will also occur for the following two years and for a total of 19 years in each cycle of 228 Hebrew Calendar years = 235 Islamic years as shown in






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Dear Irv and Calendar People,

The spirit of Ama said that Jesus was crucified on 08-17.  I found the year from one of His sermons.  It was 1 BC.

Ama also said that Jesus was born on 05-23. I found the year to be 33 BC.  He was 32 solar years old, equivalent to 33 lunar years.  Hence, the years used in the Holy Bible are in lunar years of 354/355 days per year.

Do you know Flavius Josephus?  In Antiquities, Book XVII, chapter 6, Section 4, it says about the fast and lunar eclipse.  When did that fast happened?

Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit
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The Jerusalem Talmud was compiled in 200-400 AD.  The Fast of the Firstborn on Nisan (first month) was not among the fasts that God mentioned in Zechariah 8:19.  I guess the Fast of the Firstborn was implemented after 358 AD.

No, the information given above is insufficient to figure out when observation of that fast began. Although the Talmud Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud) was compiled 200-400 AD, it doesn't contain any contemporary information, only teachings that dated back to before the destruction of the 2nd Temple.

Similarly when the Torah was written onto parchment, no contemporary information was included, only information that was handed down orally from many to several centuries earlier.

I don't know when observation of the fast started, but surely Wikipedia isn't a reliable source for that information.

-- Dr. Irv Bromberg, University of Toronto, Canada