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ISO 8601 under review

Christoph Päper-2
Fellow calendarists

Did you know that ISO 8601, last updated in 2004, is currently under review by ISO/TC 154?

It seems it will be split into two parts:

 * ISO 8601-1: Data elements and interchange formats --
               Information interchange --
               Representation of dates and times --
               Part 1: Basic rules
 * ISO 8601-2: Part 2: Extensions

They are currently Committee Drafts (CD) in the 30.20 phase “CD study/ballot initiated”.


I wish I knew what was going on and whether or how it was possible to provide some input to the standardization, e.g. to get official quarter notation, dash/colon separators as default form, the extension of the Thursday rule to months and *some* of the other things I’ve done in <>.

Previous updates of the standard brought some major changes, especially for truncated date formats.