Happy New Yerm & Islamic Year

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Happy New Yerm & Islamic Year

This email originated from outside ECU.

Dear Calendar People

Two pure lunar calendars begin their 'year' with this new moon. The Islamic calendar and my lunar yerm calendar, which begins yerm 19 at noon today. See


I remember this happening for yerm 5 of this cycle, some 19 Islamic years ago. To work out whether a period of yerms has a whole number of lunar years add to the number of yerms twice the number of short (15-month) yerms and if this result is a multiple of 12, so is the number of months.

Here are some examples:

08 yerms 2 short = 11 lunar years (8+2+2=12)

14 yerms 5 short = 19 lunar years (14+5+5=24)

22 yerms 7 short = 30 lunar years (22+7+7=36)

36 yerms 12 short = 49 lunar years (36+12+12=60)

58 yerms 19 short = 79 lunar years (58+19+19=96)


Wednesday Delta August 2020

19(01(01 from noon