Hanke-Henry 10-day weeks and the Hermetic Leap Week Calendar

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Hanke-Henry 10-day weeks and the Hermetic Leap Week Calendar

Peter Meyer
Walter said:

> the Hanke-Henry proposal with its quarters of 30-30-31 days is a nice
> compromise You can have either 9 10-day weeks plus 1 day or 13 7-day
> weeks

Speaking of 10-day weeks, the Archetypes Calendar, also has 10-day
weeks.  Well, actually it has months with 29 or 30 days, with the
30-day months having three 10-day weeks, and the 29-day months having
two 10-day weeks followed by a 9-day week.  The weeks are called
'tweeks' to distinguish them from 7-day weeks.  For further details
please see

As regards the Hanke-Henry Calendar, this is a leap-week calendar such
that every calendar date always falls on the same day of the week. The
Hermetic Leap Week Calendar also has this property.  It provides two
forms of the date for any particular day, one based on months and one
based on days.  For example, today, 2018-11-14 Gregorian is both
2018-11-17 LPM (month form) and 2018-47-3 LPW (week form).  I don't
have time at present to compare this calendar with the Hanke-Henry
Calendar, but those interested may peruse some properties of the
Hermetic Leap Week Calendar by going to

There is already (and has been for over ten years) software available
for converting between Gregorian dates and LPM/LPW dates.  Please see
Easy Date Converter at https://www.hermetic.ch/edc/edc.htm  There is
also an online display of each month in any given year from 2007-2040
at https://www.hermetic.ch/cal_sw/pr_hlpwk2.php

Peter Meyer