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Karl Palmen - UKRI STFC

Dear Calendar People


I realise that today is the first day of the second half on November. This lead me to imagine what our calendar would look like if the months were split into half.


Early January   15 days

Late January    16 days (starts 16th)

Early February  14 days

Late February   14 or 15 days (starts 15th)

Early March     16 days

Late March      15 days (starts 17th - St. Patrick’s day)

Early April     15 days

Late April      15 days (starts 16th)

Early May       16 days

Late May        15 days (starts 17th)

Early June      15 days

Late June       15 days (starts 16th)

Early July      16 days

Late July       15 days (starts 17th)

Early August    15 days

Late August     16 days (starts 16th)

Early September 15 days

Late September  15 days (starts 16th)

Early October   15 days

Late October    16 days (starts 16th)

Early November  15 days

Late November   15 days (starts 16th)

Early December  16 days

Late December   15 days (starts 17th)


This scheme ensures that every 16-day half month occurs three or four half months after the previous 16-day half month and every 14-day half month occurs next to a 16-day half month.

There is only one other scheme that satisfies this and it’s the same except Early October has 16 days instead of Late October.