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Brij Bhushan metric VIJ
It seems, there was some difficulty in re-sending my mail from my [hidden email] account.
My appology if you receive this again, Sirs.
My regards,
Ex-Flt Lt Brij Bhushan VIJ )Retd.), IAF
Saturday, 2018 October 13H03:49 (decimal)

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Respected SIRS:
Permit me to forward my worked & developed my linking as POINTERS, in the absence of Un-deciphered materials belonging to Indus Era.
As you are aware of my interest, as a SOLDIER engaged in the Reform of Gregorian calendar since 1971 June 06 (Sunday), then serving Indian Air Force, my investigations have brought me to the brink having developed *Tithi =1 335/326919 day, value for 19-year Harappa Cycle; and discovery of my 896-years/11082 moons (in 2 half cycles of 448-years/5541 moons using extended MY Tithi =1 338/326919 day by 0.49287326 day) discussed presenting my calculations ESTABLISHES that 19-year cycle had originated & possibly used in Indus Technology (Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro). My calculations demonstrate slight improvement in Hebrew/Islamic Lunar Calendar, as can be checked. 
My contributions in presenting Brij-Gregorian Modified calendar, I consider the FORMAT to be Simplest, Surest & Cheapest to implement from man-on-street to ‘astronomer’ are known to you Sirs, through Media & my discussions with Calndr-L.
I expect, my approach, shall be taken in the right perspective of Smithsonian Institution inscription, for “the Progress of Man to Man”. 
My regards, to you all, Sirs,
Ex-Flt Lt Brij Bhushan VIJ (Retd.) IAF
Author, Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar
Friday, 2018 October 12H23:16(decimal)

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Cc: "Brij Bhushan VIJ 4271 S Iowa Street," <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: Harappa (Indus) Calendar by Brij Bhushan VIJ

Dr JAI Kumar & expers In Indus excavations, sirs: 
As you are aware, my study of Indus material has confined to *materials that came across to me* while self-argument: India’s heretage 😎could not have sustained, without India’s
“Technological skills - par excellence” and the knowledge of precisions pre-Mahabharata (c3102 BCE Feb.17/18 midnight) during lifetime of Lord Krishna of CHANDRAVANSHI DYNASTY. So knowledge of astronomy in ancient India too was par excellence, as evedent from my calculations 
demonstrated via my discussions/arguments resulting to close to CURRENT, Mean Year & Mean Lunation (see above).
It is unfortunate India’s status had been reduced, from Sone-ki-Chidiya to continued subjugation like “Slavery” since Alexandra’s invation c.326 BCE. My examination of information that I perfected had been due to my SOLDIERLY conceived ideas arrived at because of my actual calculations (an autodidact, not having Formal Education, filling my clean mind-set!

Unfortunately, I am not an astronomy student but a down-to-Earth man from Forces, having been (mid)understood/ represented due ‘idealistic approach’ to life & my actions. 
My developing Lunar Tithi value 1+335/ 326919 day demonstrates this as a SQUARE FIT IN: 

Also,Please note: {1 335/326919  =1.001024718661197 d x 6932.5 tithi =6939.603862118751 days =19.0000061811592 Years! I link, this to Harappa 19-year (now called & known as Metonic) cycle. Where did Astronomer Meton, get his 19-year cycle from - is NOT KNOWN? 

Likewise, my 2*448 year/5541 moons I.e. 896-years/11082 moons are an EXACT FIT (see above) using 1 338/326919 Tithi, only need 0.49287326 day additional, making the half tithi longer BUT smaller than TITHI itself. 

This added ‘time durstion’ SELF CONSUMES over long interval closer to a CYCLE OF PRECESSION as discussed with calndr-L experts. 

To me it appears, HISTORICAL ERROR, IN HEBREW CALENDAR was not correctly fixed earlier, as claimed; but is indeed inherent az demonstrated in my calculations!

Pending agreement among Archaeologists/ Astronomers, it may be justified to agree that 19-year cycle really dates down to INDUS ERA, is my view! Recently, whiles in India I met Prof. Krishan Lal - President, Indian National Science Academy’s; and had been telecasted: 

Please find news clip of Mr Brij Bhushan Vij newscast on JAN tv, Jaipur 2018 Mar.08 


My regards, sirs (Respectfully),

Ex-Flt Lt Brij Bhushan VIJ (Retd.), Author

Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar

Friday, 2018 October 12H05:43(decimal)

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On Aug 2, 2018, at 00:00, Brij Bhushan metric VIJ <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear JayKumar Ji:
A relation of mine asked about my worked results; and that how it could be useful to common man:
   “Harappa Calendar was not a day based calendar but was a Tithi Based calendar known to be=966/965 day or 138week/965 day. This I have refined to suit my 896-year calendar cycle and it’s ‘simplicity’ as:
1 Tithi= No.of days in 896 years/No.of Tithi in 11082 Moons; (11082x29.5=326919) day.
This work to 1 338/326919 day. This also can be seen in my find that 19-year cycle was in vogue during Harappan culture. I came to know of this as: 966/965 day or 138 Weeks/965 day while my discussions with Prof. BV Subbarayyapa, then heading as Secretary, INSA Bew Delhi.
The cycle is assigned, however, to Meton as known and called ‘METONIC Cycle’. I project, Harappa Calendar as:

Details of this have, exhaustively, been discussed with Calndr-L group in United States.
I recall having spoken about this to Shri Mishra in Pune, after which the site is blocked? I did speak to some experts at National Museum, New Delhi.
Please feel free to ask any fresh input, you may need,
Ex-FltLt Brij Bhushan VIJ, Author
Brij-Gregorian Modified Calendar
Wednesday,2018 Aug.01H23:99(decimal)

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