Frozen Cusp Method on French Republican & Balanced French Calendars

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Frozen Cusp Method on French Republican & Balanced French Calendars
This email originated from outside ECU.

Dear Walter and Calendar People

Here I apply to my frozen cusp method to the quarters the French Republican and Balanced French Calendars.

I reckon that the frozen cusps (from September equinox 2019) are 89d 20h, 178d 20h, 271d14h, where the frozen cusps are the times each cusp occurs after the first cusp.

The FRC aims to have the first cusp on New Years days, so I assume the target for each cusp is the first day of each quarter.

The BFC aims to have each cusp on the out-of-month day before each quarter.

So the target number of days for each cusp to occur after the first cusp and hence the target times of the frozen cusps are:

000, 090, 180, & 270 for the FRC and

000, 091, 182 & 273 for the BFC

Comparing with the frozen cusps I calculated, the times in hours the frozen cusps come after these are

FRC 00 -04 -28 +38

BFC 00 -28 -74 -34

So the FRC does better than BFC with range -28 to +38 hours for years structure errors and so -40 to +50 hours for total errors, compared to -74 to 00 year structure and -86 to +12 total for BFC.


Wednesday Epsilon February 2020