Emojis in Kazakh Nomad Calendar dates

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Emojis in Kazakh Nomad Calendar dates

Peter Meyer
Christoph Päper wrote:

"Iʼm not sure everyone realizes this, but Unicode intentionally added
several animal emojis to its standard in order to cover supposedly all
variants of the Asian animal zodiac and year cycle. ... It might be an
interesting alternative to use these text characters in KNC [Kazakh
Nomad Calendar] dates instead of two-digit numbers as described [at
https://www.hermetic.ch/knc/knc.htm#solilunar ]"

where it says: Like the Chinese [but differently], the Kazakh nomads
named years by using a cycle of 12 animal names. In order they are
"Mouse", "Cow", "Leopard", "Hare", "Wolf", "Snake", "Horse", "Sheep",
"Monkey", "Hen", "Dog" and "Boar". The sequence of years was thus
divided into 12-year periods

And it also says that KNC dates could be of the form:
{cycle-number}-{animal name of year}-{month number}-{day number}
as in "475-Mouse-2-24 KN" (= "2020-06-14 GC"). Replacing the animal
year name by its number would give the purely numerical (and
computer-friendly) form of the date, "475-01-02-24 KN".

I comment:

Replacement of the year name in KNC dates, either as text or as two
digits, by a Unicode emoji would likely be possible in Unicode text,
except that I'm not sure that Unicode has emojis for "Cow", "[Snow]
Leopard" and "Wolf".  And I suspect that this would make KNC dates less
comprehensible-at-a-glance, especially for Westerners.