Egyptian octaeteris?

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Egyptian octaeteris?

Lance Latham
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I was thumbing through some older files, and found a
page print from the Web that I had forgotten.

The site:

describes an 'Ogdoad' of the first gods made by Thoth,
the local main god at Khemenu (Hermopolis). These 8
gods consist of two pairs of snakes and two pairs of

The site:

describes the Ogdoad as 'deities representing the
primeval chaos that existed before the creation of the
sun god', and later, 'They created out of themselves
the mound upon which lay the egg from which the sun
god emerged'.

Now, this is all quite vague, but it seems to me
possibly to describe the origins of a solar calendar,
or calendar involving the sun. The eight deities are
obviously intended to be considered 'old' and
originators of the sun, the primary time-marker.
According to the first site mentioned, two of the
deities represent 'infinite time'.

Do any of our Egyptologists have any more information
on these deities, and/or a possible relation to an
early Egyptian octaeteris?


Lance Latham
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