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Jamison Painter
Hello, Group.

Has it ever happened to someone here that you have a calendar that you like, a Pet Calendar, if you will, and you actually know today's date on that calendar, but aren't sure what the date is on the GC? That actually just happened. I double-date my checkbook, and I knew that today is 26 Germinal, but did NOT know that it is 15 April! I actually had to look that one up! I have a FRC wall calendar that has the corresponding GC dates in small print from 2016 to 2020. I had to review that to get the actual GC date. Anyone have a similar experience? I double-date checks that way also, putting the FRC date in the Memo line. Now that I know lilac is in season, I might buy some for my Wyfe after I get paid.


26 Germinal CCXXVII, Lilac