4/20 (Cannabis) day around Good Friday/Easter/Passover

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4/20 (Cannabis) day around Good Friday/Easter/Passover

Ryan Provost-2

Today is 2019-04-20 aka April 20th, 2019 on the Gregorian Calendar and today is the day that is all about marijuana aka weed or cannabis.  However this also occurs in 2019 on the holy week just after Good Friday and before Easter and on the Jewish Passover in which I find that rare. Is it uncommon to have 4/20 day on or near Easter, Good Friday or Passover on the Gregorian calendar and compared to other systems i.e. Symmetry454, Symmetry010, etc? Also to note at 4:20 PM (or AM) on 4/20 is what I call “the climax”



RDK 3000-Tristar

2019.04.20-Sa 15:45 RDKTSR


PS: Initially sent the email from a wrong email address (Gmail account) by mistake, as I thought it was sent via my Outlook/Hotmail email account


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