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Karl Palmen - UKRI STFC

Dear Calendar People


On the Home Page for Calendar Reform


I found a 30x11 Calendar at



The as with many other calendar reforms year starts at Gregorian January 1st. The year has 12 months January to December of which the first 11 months have 30 days and December has either 35 or 36 days, but I do not see the number of days in December being explicitly stated, as though the proposer wants to keep our attention away from the fact. This tempts me to call the calendar “The Bloated December Calendar”. It uses the 7-day week and so is not a perennial calendar.


The main advantage of this calendar is that it is easy to find the day of year number of any date and for that reason the leap day is placed at the end of the year.

It also has a page

http://calendars.wikia.com/wiki/The_30x11_Calendar on the calendar wiki.


This drawing attention away from the bloated December, reminds me that other calendar reformers direct attention away from the less pleasant parts of their calendar. For example, a  proposal might say all quarters are the same, while neglecting to state that the leap week does not belong to any quarter or that the simple leap week rule has over 2 weeks of jitter.